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AHP History and Timeline

          Kramer Power Plant occupied this site along the Missouri River for many years; but the city had a vision to transform the land into Bellevue, Nebraska's premier recreation site. The following timeline summarizes the American Heroes Park story...


After more than 40 years in service, Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD) retired the Kramer Power Plant.

Kramer Power Plant


NPPD demolished the smokestacks, and razed the plant.

Kramer Power Plant Remnants


The Bellevue Junior Sports Association (BJSA) football field complex was completed.

BJSA Football Fields


The 10-acre pond was completed.

American Heroes Park Pond


The City of Bellevue and the Bellevue Community Foundation installed a lighted fountain in the pond.

Inez Boyd Fountain


The fishing pier was completed.

Pier at American Heroes Park


        - In April, AHP Volunteers adopted American Heroes Park, via Bellevue's Adopt-A-Park program.

        - In October, Bellevue dedicated the Inez Boyd Fountain, in honor of the former Bellevue mayor.

Inez Boyd Fountain Dedication


     - In January, Bellevue City Council approved AHP Volunteers' proposal for a War on Terror Memorial.

     - In May, Bellevue dedicated Jerry Ryan Plaza, in honor of the former Bellevue mayor.

     - In July, American Heroes Park hosted Bellevue Chamber of Commerce's River Fest.

     - In September, the City broke ground on Phase 6 of the park's master plan.

Jerry Ryan Plaza Dedicatio
River Fest Preparation
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