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AHP Master Plan

          Phase 5 finished in October 2017, and consisted of paving and landscaping the parking lot between the 9-11 Memorial and the BJSA football fields; and relocating electrical/power infrastructure.

          Phase 6 finished in September 2019, and consisted of paving the north end of Jerry Ryan Plaza, the north parking lots, Heroes' Plaza sidewalks, a path around the Great Lawn, and planting trees in and near Heroes' Plaza.

          In 2022, HDR proposed a completely new $32M master plan that includes a performance stage, event hall, Memorial Garden (for the 9-11 MemorialWar on Terror Memorial, and First Responders Memorial), restrooms, sea wall, observation tower, play areas, and expanded parking.

Will city council approve the plan?

Stay tuned for updates and developments!

American Heroes Park Master Plan
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