American Heroes Pond

& Inez Boyd Fountain

          Whether you're coming from Olde Towne Bellevue or across the toll bridge from Iowa, the Inez Boyd Fountain is one of American Heroes Park's more visible features.


          Come visit the 10-acre pond where you can enjoy a walk, jog, or bike around the paved 0.6-mile "Red" path (0.62 actual); a relaxing seat on one of the benches overlooking the fountain; or fishing from the shoreline or the pier!


(Please note: the City of Bellevue prohibits swimming and boating.)

Rybar Family Bench

Bench - First Responders.png

First Responders Bench

Pond - Overhead.png
2018 09 03 - Inez Boyd Fountain.png
Red, White, and Blue Paths
Bench - Rybar.png

Do you enjoy fishing?

          The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission reports American Heroes Park Pond (officially listed in the stocking records as "Kramer Park Lake") has largemouth bass and bluegill capable of maintaining their numbers through natural reproduction. However, the Commission annually stocks 700 10-inch channel catfish, usually in late summer.

          The gallery below contains pictures of the October 13th, 2017, ceremony during which the City of Bellevue dedicated and named the fountain for former Bellevue Mayor Inez Boyd.